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                                    The True Foundation Mentoring platforms & phases


Mission Statement: Our mission here at the True Foundation Outreach Center is to empower At Risk youth to conform to sound principles that will transform their mind, body & soul.


1. Mentoring in Rap SessionsThis is a communication dialogue that includes foundational established principles explained & set forth & discuss. It also includes an opportunity for the youth to vent through expression of their grievances, complaints & concerns.

2. Mentoring in Boxing Exhibitions- (A display or demonstration of a particular skill) This is a brief display of the art of the discipline & of self defense skills of Boxing presented by a retired professional boxer. This Boxing Mentoring opportunity is fully insured, licensed & sanctioned by the USABA(United States Amateurs' Boxing Association). The slogan is: "Let's put down the guns & pick up the gloves." This Mentoring opportunity is expressed as a viable career option.


3. Mentoring in Theater Arts- A brief display of the Art of discipline and the articulation of expression in Drama constructed in a highly moral standard. Future careers and art professionals.

4. Mentoring through Workforce Opportunities- We simply direct the youth to the Technical/Educational opportunities available to them here locally in the Golden Triangle Area through the East Mississippi Community College Workforce & Communiversity various programs. Also Military Veterans will be available to discuss the opportunities & the options available in the careers of service to their country.

5. Mentoring in Juvenile & Prison Systems- Unfortunately some of our youth fall through all of these safety nets & ultimately fall through the cracks & end up behind bars, but there is still hope & opportunity. We reach out beyond the breach & lend a helping hand of salvation to rehabilitate, reform & transform the youth mentally, emotionally & spiritually. 


Note: If we have to Mentor online we can also presented videos & live sessions via Zoom, Facebook or other viable forms of communication & we will empower the youth or their guardian to tap into the resources locally where they reside.

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